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Al Mustatie tile fixing team is equipped to serve our clients commercial and residential needs pertaining to tile works. Our aim is to maintain high standards and give satisfaction with superior quality of work.  We, Al Mustatie understand your enormous importance your home or workplace hold for you, therefore, it’s a prerequisite to look amazing. Hence we focus on all delicate details in the installation of tiles, grout and repair work that we offer. We assure you an efficient and excellent level of quality of work.

Al Mustatie ensures that any guest or client that visit your commercial or residential place gets awestruck with the amazing interior design and ambience of which tile work is an integral part, as it’s the first thing to be observed by visitors

Al Mustatie team is experienced in working with different sizes and patterns and work areas such as kitchen, back splash, bathroom, hallway, floor tiles. It involves preparing the substrate, applying adhesive, setting the tiles in a designed pattern, grouting the gaps between tiles and ensuring a level, aesthetically pleasing finish. Depending on the site conditions, our team will fix tile using cement or tile glue.

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Al Mustatie is one of the best interiors and architecture design firms with an office in Dubai, UAE, and is well-known for designing luxury villas. We have a variety of interior design styles, each inspired by a client brief and specification and culminated by our knowledge.

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