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Plunge pools are small-sized swimming pools designed to offer many of the same benefits and all the same quality as their full-sized counterparts. The average plunge pool is around 4-5 meters by 2 meters, but they can be smaller or bigger than that, and they can come in a varying range of depths to suit your needs. A common trait of plunge pools is a below-the-water seating area for relaxation. Plunge pools are the perfect backyard space to relax, unwind, and perform gentle exercise in to increase health and wellbeing.

The Health Benefits of a Plunge Pool
Water-based activities are well-known for being a great way to get some exercise and maintain your activity levels for better overall health and wellbeing. But what other health benefits can a plunge pool offer?

Increase Circulation
Spending time in cold water increases blood circulation to veins and arteries in the extremities. Increased circulation has a variety of benefits to overall, and heart-specific, health.

Reduce Stress
Time spent in the water can be very relaxing. Plunge pools are especially ideal for relaxing with their built-in seating offering the ideal location to sit and unwind after a long day, helping to lower your stress and promoting long-term healthy living.

Gentle Exercise
Everybody knows the benefits of exercise, but it can be hard to find the time and motivation to get to the gym regularly. Luckily, an intense gym workout isn’t the only way to stay active and healthy. Gentle workouts every day are going to be better than a rare trip to the gym. Plunge pools are the perfect place for gentle exercise right in your own backyard.

Injury Recovery
Recovering from an injury can be a long and painful process, and it only gets longer as we get older. A plunge pool is a great way to reduce recovery pain and time by reducing swelling, constricting blood vessels, promoting circulation, and providing immediate pain relief benefits.

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