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Al Mustatie understands the importance of having a well-maintained swimming pool. Maintaining a pool means carrying responsibility of your hygiene, which is why we take it very seriously. And for that, we offer all the services you could get to ensure a safe swim for your family or customers. We can design your dream pool-paradise to building that pool and maintaining it at the highest standard possible. Our method of maintaining swimming and fountain pools complies with safety standards to ensure a safe and hygienic swim for you and your family.

Below are some of the tasks we take care of during our pool maintaining visits.
• Cleaning out the harmful wastes and debris from the pool
• Water level Check
• Chlorine or Sanitizing feeding and check
• Pump operation check
• Sanitizing level check (depending on weather)
• Visual pool inspection for color and contaminants
• Leaves removal
• pH level check and adjusting depending on weather condition and type of pool
• Alkalinity check and adjustment
• Oxidizer and Stabilizer check
• Waterline tiles cleaning
• Filter pressure check and adjustment
• Backwash check and adjustment if required
• Algaecide input if required

First, we inspect the pump basket for any wears and tears (usually they happen in the back of the basket) and the rubber o-ring that seals the basket on top, then we clean it thoroughly and get rid of any debris and leaves that get caught up inside of it. Once done, we fill it up full of water and close the lid back again.Another thing we look out for which most pool-owners dismiss is to check the timer and make sure that it is set correctly and that it is functioning properly.

If your swimming or fountain pool has a salt cell, we will make sure to check and clean it as required.
Our pool man will check for any leaks that might be coming from the equipment and test the motors to make sure it is working fine. Some of the other standard routines that we do include emptying the skimmer basket, which we normally do while the pump is working to pick up any leftover debris and leaves, and checking the chlorinator. Once all the above checks are done the pool man will be ready to clean the pool.
Before we begin to skim the pool, we will spray some diluted tile soap on top which would help take the glare out of the pool and clump all the debris together. Once done, the pool man will proceed with skimming the pool a couple of times around the pool. After skimming, the pool man will see if the pool needs to be vacuumed or just skim at the floor of the pool. He then proceeds with the tile cleaning using a specially designed scrub. Once that is done, then comes the vacuuming to make sure all the tiny little dirt will be removed from the tiles.
We use a power rack to suck out all the debris off the floor of the pool, and right after we are done the vacuuming, we brush the floor of the pool using a specialized pool brush. The brushing procedure will make sure to prevent any algae growing in the pool. Once through, we then skim through the pool for the last time.

And in the last step, we respond to the chemical testing we would have done in the beginning. If the chlorine level tested low, we would then add chlorine to balance the required amount, and if the Ph level was low then we’ll add some muriatic acid and if it was too high we’ll add some Borax. And if the Alkalinity levels were low as well, we would then add some baking soda or alike to bring it back up to its desired level.

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