Maintenance Works

Electrical Works

We cater to a wide range of activities related to the installation, maintenance of electrical systems. This includes wiring apartment, 

Plumbing Works

We have an experienced team of Plumbers whose work encompass the installation ,repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems that facilitate

HVAC Works

We have a dedicated team of HVAC professionals who design & install wall mounted & duct type split units, G I ducts & P I ducts, service and maintenance. Hotel exhaust ducts with filteration system etc

Solar Power Installation

We provide solar panel installation, invertors, mounting structures and electrical connections

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Al Mustatie is one of the best interiors and architecture design firms with an office in Dubai, UAE, and is well-known for designing luxury villas. We have a variety of interior design styles, each inspired by a client brief and specification and culminated by our knowledge.

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