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Granite is a type of natural stone that is widely used in construction and interior design due to its durability, beauty and versatility. It is formed deep within the earth’s crust from molten magma and then cools slowly over time, resulting in a hard, dense and granular composition and design. 
Granite has it’s strengths and shortcomings, but you have more advantageous than disadvantages. It’s a worthy investment

• Granite is stain resistant and water resistant
• Granite has an appealing look that gives your home elegance and value
• Granites durability gives you high quality that lasts a long time and still maintain a smooth look
• Granite is scratch and cut resistant
• Available in various shades
• Granite is heat and fade resistant

• Expensive – Granites high quality, elegant look and excellent features make it a costly material
• Granite needs professional installation
• Once damaged, repairing the material is challenging and may need replacement.

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