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To design a swimming pool, we need to consider who will use the pool and what it will be used for. If it is for laps it needs to be long and straight but can be narrow and shallow. Or a smaller pool for relaxation.

Depth needs special consideration. Some build very deep swimming pools with no shallow end. But it’s not very practical and can be downright dangerous for children. If children are going to play in it, you do not want it too deep – 1 meter is plenty for children under 12 years old. We have to bear in mind that an average adult’s shoulder height is around 1.5 meters while a toddler can easily drown in water only 30 cms deep.

The traditional pool with a shallow end for the children to play in and a deep end for adults is a sensible multipurpose design. A large or deep pool will cost a lot more to maintain than a smaller pool particularly in electricity costs for the water circulation pump. Note that only a small increase in size can greatly increase the volume of water. A 4 meter by 5 meter pool by 1.6 meter deep contains 32 cubic meters of water, only a small increase to 5 meters by 6 meters and the depth to 2 meters and the water volume is now up to 60 cubic meters – twice the water to circulate and treat. With much emphasis on safety, how people will get in and out of the pool is considered important. Stainless steel ladders are very efficient with space but not the easiest to use. If you build steps into the pool these should be shallow enough to make them easy to climb up and down.

Pool Lining
What sort of lining do you wish to use? Tiles are more expensive but give you a longer lasting, low maintenance finish that looks good.

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