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We, Al Mustatie, are the best bathroom renovations company in Dubai. You will be awestruck by the beautiful colors and other artistic elements, as well as the creative layouts and intelligent use of space. Modern bathrooms are also proud to boast some of the most impressive electric and electronic gadgets.

A house renovation can bring about a transformation in your life. It is a complex and emotional process, but it is worth it. No matter how easy things seem, you should not take any of these tasks lightly. These are some tips for homeowners who want to start bathroom remodeling in Dubai.

We discuss your needs and identify solutions for potential problems. Our experts will handle everything from bathroom fittings, construction, plumbing, electrical, painting, and tiling. Modern bathrooms tend to be lighter in color, promoting serenity and purity. You have many options to match your bathroom layout. It is best to considered the following fixtures: sink, faucets, showerheads, and tub. The high-tech and reasonably priced features can be a great asset to increase resale values. Increasing your bathroom space is expensive. An alternative solution is to increase its smart storage. You have many options, including stackable glass/acrylic containers, rope towers of buckets, and tall corner cabinets. These storage solutions are both functional and attractive, which can help increase your overall resale price. The bathroom should look seamless and clean. All pipes or electrical wires will be concealed without compromising safety and maintenance.

Our team of skilled masons will take of screeding, levelling, and tiling floor and walls with best quality glue and grouting.
Al Mustatie demands the highest standards of skill and professionalism from all our employees. We manage everything from start to finish. We have extensive industry experience and a proven track record.

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Al Mustatie is one of the best interiors and architecture design firms with an office in Dubai, UAE, and is well-known for designing luxury villas. We have a variety of interior design styles, each inspired by a client brief and specification and culminated by our knowledge.

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